The visual web is not a trend, it’s a vital content strategy

Visual Web
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The shift towards a more ‘visual web’ can no longer be dismissed as a mere trend. Look around and the signs are clear – publishers, brands and organisations need to create compelling visual content to acquire and retain users.

Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr is the latest sign that this shift needs to be taken seriously. Tumblr is a visually-orientated blogging platform that’s found great popularity with photographers, illustrators, fashion brands and other visually-rich content producers. But increasingly this move toward more visual content must be embraced by anyone seeking to reach and engage an audience online.

The big players on the web have made substantial changes to their web platforms around three core principles:

  1. Mobile
  2. Social
  3. Visual

In fact, these three trends go hand-in-hand, as Mashable’s rationale for its new design explains. We’re moving inexorably towards a post-PC, mobile-centric web, where visual media is more easily consumed and shared. Look at the recent developments of these digital giants:

So the time is now right to consider your visual content strategy, whether it’s building your community with photos or creating compelling infographics to drive leads.