Hult’s Masters of Digital Marketing: Digital Publishing Module

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I’m just getting started with my students at Hult International Business School, where I’m the course tutor on the elective module on Digital Publishing. We have our first class tomorrow.

I’m already excited by the amount of energy, enthusiasm and insight generated by the students, as evinced by their work setting up blogs and writing posts on an assignment I set up for the first week. The topics of discussion are as follows:

  • What have been the most profound disruptions to media incurred by the digital revolution?
  • Is it possible to preserve old forms of media organisation when data is digital?
  • What new user behaviours are the most significant in terms of the future of digital media consumption and delivery?
  • Discuss John Battelle’s definition of publishing in a digital era. Is there anything you’d change in his definition?
  • What are the key ways in which digital publishing differs from pre-digital legacy publishing practices?
  • Write a case study analysis and report on an existing digital publication

Below are links to the blogs published so far. For a broad range of insights and perspectives on the world of digital publishing they’re well worth a read: