User experience consultancy

Does it frustrate you that your site isn’t attracting the right users?

Does it worry you that your customers don’t stay on your site long enough to realise the main benefits of what you have to offer?

Imagine what you’d achieve if you could identify which parts of your site are attracting and compelling, and what it is that’s stopping customers engaging with your site more.

This is where I can help. I’ve performed over 120 usability tests on websites in a wide range of market sectors. Using my experience from over 10 years in digital publishing, I can help you to identify ways to attract and engage your customers through compelling features and content.

Here are some of the services I offer in user-centred design:

  • Expert reviews, with a full report on how to improve the functionality, design and content of your website
  • Usability testing with representative users to identify the things on your site that cause confusion and frustration
  • Developing personas and scenarios to make sure that you keep your customers in mind in all future developments
  • Managing creative development to ensure that your site is focused on achieving your business goals

Email me to discuss your needs.

Other services: